Moose wandering Cornwall was put down

Nick Seebruch
Moose wandering Cornwall was put down
The moose that was wandering Cornwall on Thursday

CORNWALL, Ontario –  The Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS) has put down a moose that was wandering the City on Thursday, Oct. 19.

The moose was sighted early in the morning near Mark’s Work Wearhouse and was being tracked by police during the morning.

In an interview with Seaway News, Cst. Dan Cloutier of the CCPS said that the police did make an attempt to convince the moose to enter the woods near the Benson Centre.

The police made the decision to put down the moose as it consistently headed towards Hwy. 401. The police put down the moose out of fears that it would pose a danger to the public if it attempted to cross the highway. The moose was put down at around 1:40 p.m.

Cloutier said that the moose was a young male. He went on to say that a young male moose like this one seems to enter the city every couple of years.

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