Taste the flavour of the region

Patrick Larose
Taste the flavour of the region
Tony Lacroix

CORNWALL, Ontario – Seaway News is proud to introduce a new title to their successful magazine lineup. The inaugural edition of their TASTE OF THE REGION magazine was just released and is sure to please every appetite.

The magazines content is primarily focussed on dining, lifestyle and entertainment.  

“Our community has so much to offer, and it’s surprising when you hear people say they haven’t dined at a specific restaurant, shopped at a local retail store or experienced one of our live entertainment venues.  That’s why our focus was to showcase those specific topics in a way  that was fresh and exciting.” said Patrick Larose of Seaway News, Director of Sales.

Matt Drouin, Luc McCabe, Julia Graham and other local Chefs are just some of the familiar faces that appear in the 52 page magazine. TASTE OF THE REGION also features Grooming & Beauty Trends, Whisky, Beer & Wine guides, local hidden gems and so much more. 

Mr. Larose, who created the concept for the magazine added, “We’ve wanted to produce something like this for a couple of years now.  I’m thrilled that we were able to produce it this year and I’m excited for everyone that participated in the magazine and everyone that gets to enjoy it.  Also, a special shout out to Colleen Parette for her incredible design work”.

Copies will be available in racks throughout the city and some of your favourite shopping/ dining locations.

For more information about the magazine you can contact Patrick Larose at 613-933-0014, ext 230 or patrick.larose@tc.tc

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