Prepare for the TASTE Tour

Cornwall Seaway News staff
Prepare for the TASTE Tour
Unhealthy Delicious Poutine with French Fries and Gravy

Seaway News is proud to introduce the TASTE Tour.  With the departure of Seaway Food Festival and their events, we wanted to try and keep at least a couple going. That’s why we’re launching TASTE Tour.  The events will feature local restaurants presenting their unique spin on Poutines and Burgers.  TASTE Tour will launch on May 3rd and run until May 10th, giving you the opportunity to try the Poutines of your choice and vote for your favourite.  

“When we started working on our TASTE magazine, I knew I wanted to give it a larger presence by incorporating a food event,” said organizer Patrick Larose. “Our City was very fortunate to have the great events that Sebastian Manigat organized.  When he made his announcement that he wouldn’t be continuing them, it gave us a great opportunity to jump on board and continue a similar style of tradition.  We’re excited for these two events this year and are anxious for what the future holds for us and the TASTE magazine.”

Events like TASTE Tour celebrate the vibrant and delicious food culture in Cornwall and Seaway News is proud to carry on the tradition started by Seaway Valley Food Festival.

“Over the last decade or so the food culture in Cornwall and surrounding areas has been growing at a steady pace,” said Matt Girgis. “Allowing more food and beverage events as well as TASTE Magazine to thrive. We were saddened to hear that Mani was moving on after contributing so much to our food culture but we felt a responsibility to keep some of his events alive. The TASTE Tour are a great vehicle to show off all the greasy goodness we have to offer. I for one cant wait to see what our participants will conjure up!”

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