Wrestling returns to Cornwall

Nick Seebruch
Wrestling returns to Cornwall
Stu Grayson makes his way to the ring for his match against Evil Uno at Seaway Valley Wrestling's inaugural show on Saturday

CORNWALL, Ontario – Seaway Valley Wrestling (SVW) held their inaugural show at the Nav Centre on Saturday, Oct. 20.

The show opened with a Fatal Four Way match that saw Johnny Irvine, Denno Benjamin, Matt Angel and Glengarry’s own Ryan Donovan set the room on fire with high flying, death defying moves.

Donovan came out on top, getting the pin after hitting Angel with a sunset flip powerbomb, but Angel got his revenge after the match, beating down the Glengarry boy after the bell.

Cornwall’s own Rex Orion took on Cecil Nyx. Orion got a leg up from Cornwall Mayoral candidate Dave Murphy who gave Orion some extra leverage while he had Nyx in an Abdominal Stretch. Unfortunately, the ref caught the Mayoral hopeful in the act, ejecting him from the match, to a lot of boos from the crowd.

Orion came out victorious over Nyx after he caught Nyx in a submission move, the Texas Cloverleaf, which perhaps should be called the Cornwall Cloverleaf from now on because Nyx tapped out immediately.

After the match, Ring Announcer Mark Vincent applauded Orion for his efforts and for Murphy’s support in the match. Vincent told the crowd that he believed that David Murphy would be the next Mayor of Cornwall and encouraged everyone to go out and vote on Monday, Oct. 22.

In the much-anticipated main event, Big Daddy D’Roy defended his Big Time Wrestling title against “The Immaculate” Ray St. Jean.

St. Jean was accompanied to the ring by Randy Berry, former Big Time Wrestling champ who lost his title to Big Daddy D’Roy.

Throughout the night, St. Jean and Berry had been taunting the crowd saying that they would be D’Roy.

St. Jean was infuriated when he came out and saw that the crowd had been given “Rick” signs, a name that Cornwall has taken to call St. Jean after he was mistakenly referred to as Rick St. Jean by this paper.

St. Jean was introduced as being from “Anywhere 100km away from Cornwall”.

During the match, Randy Berry made sure his presence was felt, getting involved and attacking D’Roy whenever the ref’s back was turned. Berry and St. Jean’s luck ran out however and Berry was eventually caught by the referee, who promptly ejected him from the match. D’Roy then quickly turned the tides of the match after hitting St. Jean with a chokeslam to retain his title.

For an inaugural show, SVW was able to boast that they were able to sell out, with 450 fans in attendance. Alain Allaire, Commissioner of SVW said that they are already planning their next show for February 2019.

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