OSPCA seasonal programs assist feral cats

Shawna O'Neill, TC Media 
OSPCA seasonal programs assist feral cats
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ONTARIO – With snow already falling in our region and colder temperatures approaching, the OSPCA is reminding residents of programs in place to aide feral cats and their caregivers. 

To assist with feral cat colonies, caregivers are encouraged to use OSPCA cat traps at no charge in an effort to spay or neuter, vaccinate and control the population. A feral cat foodbank has also been established to support caregivers. Additionally, about 250 cat shelters are built annually by volunteers and sold for $15, with all proceeds redirected to feral cat initiatives.

“Shelters are used to give feral cats a safe warm place during the winter,” read a statement on the OSPCA website.

“Proceeds from feral cat shelters in 2018 offset the cost of spay/neuter surgeries for feral cats, allowing us to offer 60 surgeries at $10 each,” explained Melissa Kosowan, Associate Director of Communications for OSPCA.

According to Kosowan, OSPCA of SDG took in over 1,000 cats in 2017, with 764 strays coming from Cornwall. To date this year, close to 700 cats have been taken in, with 400 coming from Cornwall.

Currently, the OSPCA is in the midst of its iAdpot for the Holidays program, which focuses on finding stray animals their forever home during the season.

“Last year, over 4,000 animals from across Canada found their forever homes during the iAdopt for the Holidays campaign,” said Kosowan. “By adopting during iAdopt for the Holidays, you’ll not only be giving an animal a loving home, you could also win some amazing prizes!”

Kosowan emphasized that the primary caregiver of the animal should be involved in the decision making process to ensure they are ready for the necessary level of commitment and responsibility accompanied with a pet. She also explained that is important to do research as to which pet is most suitable for the caregiver’s lifestyle and ensure that the pet and the caregiver are a good match.

To learn more about the seasonal adoption campaign, visit iadopt.ca.

To see more details about programs mentioned and learn how to build a feral cat shelter step-by-step, visit: http://ontariospca.ca/blog/three-programs-to-help-feral-cats-their-caregivers/?_ga=2.179673825.459814883.1542223405-2111565484.1541181295

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