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Environmental 360 Solutions say they’ll save Cornwall $500,000

Nick Seebruch
Environmental 360 Solutions say they’ll save Cornwall $500,000
E360S President and CEO Danny Ardellini along with ex-NHLer Paul Coffey (right)

CORNWALL, Ontario – In a statement to media, Environmental 360 Solutions (E360S) claimed that they would save Cornwall $500,000 over the course of a seven year contract if they are awarded the new waste management tender.

“The City expects our proposal will provide more than $500,000 in cost savings to Cornwall over the course of the seven-year contract, while helping the City conserve rapidly depleting landfill capacity,” part of the statement from E360S President and CEO Danny Ardellini
reads. “We promise to meet the City’s objectives and provide our neighbours in Cornwall with friendly, safe service, using the latest trucks that can take both waste and recycling from the curb — thereby having fewer trucks on the road and lowering emissions.”

E360S is one of two companies competing for the City of Cornwall’s waste management contract. The other company is HGC Inc. who have managed waste and recycling in Cornwall for 28 years and had the lower bid.

E360S offered a bid of $24,089,466.73, while HGC bid $23,915,955.10.

One reason City of Cornwall administration cited for wanting to award the contract over E360S is because they say that E360S has a comprehensive and impressive customer service system.

“In the document they said they (the City) were providing a customer service system so if they had their own, why would I cost one,” said Herb Lambacher, owner of HGC.

HGC employs 30 people in Cornwall, some of whom are concerned about their jobs if their company is not awarded the contract. Lambacher has said that he would lay off his employees in Cornwall if he does not win the tender.

Employees like Hollis Priddle say that they are concerned that even if they are hired by E360S if and when they take over, that they might be less secure than with HGC. HGC employees are unionized, while E360S does not have a union.

For its part, E360S said that they would give preferential hiring considerations for those with relevant experience.

“Environmental 360 Solutions is a recognized leader in environmental waste management, and we are committed to the communities in which we operate,” said Ardellini. “We hire locally; we hire the best; and we treat our employees fairly.  We will be hiring 35 people, and we will give preference to local candidates with experience in the waste management industry.”

Cornwall City Council has decided to wait until their meeting on Jan. 28 before choosing who to award the tender to.

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