Cornwall watches Super Bowl LIII

Shawna O'Neill
Cornwall watches Super Bowl LIII
The Parent family enjoying Super Bowl LIII. (Shawna O'Neill/TC Media).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Groups of friends and families were set to watch Super Bowl LIII at Jet Set Pub the evening of Sunday, Feb 3. 

Although most residents at the pub were cheering for the New England Patriots, some wanted to see the L.A. Rams take the title this year.

“I’d like to see somebody different win every year to change it up,” said Dave Watson who was watching the game with a group of friends he plays hockey with.

Other attendees just wanted to see Brady in his glory.

“I’ve always been a Brady fan since he played for Michigan. I’m a Cincinnati fan but we can’t seem to make the Super Bowl so I always have to cheer for someone else,” joked Richard Wilson. “I mean (Brady), he is 41 and he’s going for his sixth Super Bowl. At that age, still at this level, it’s pretty much unheard of. He is the greatest of all time. As a Bengals fan, I hate Joe Montana who used to be the greatest winning Super Bowl quarterback, so I want all of his records shattered too. There’s a bit of spite there.”

Pierre Parent and his brother Julian were looking forward to what the half time show hold, given the controversy with headliner Maroon 5. Cousins and aunts of the Parent family were all out in attendance.

“We try to go out every year (for the Super Bowl). We go again for the Grey Cup together,” said Pierre. “It’s a great atmosphere (here), close to home; we love it here.”

The Pierre family was betting on the Patriots.

“They seem to struggle against bird teams but they’re not playing a bird team tonight so,” joked Julian.

“I hope it’s a great game. Last year’s Super Bowl was awesome. I hope the Rams stay in it but the Patriots win,” said Wilson. 

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