Local businesses support local entertainment

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By Nick Seebruch
Local businesses support local entertainment
Ryan Lalonde and Dave Petrynka (Nick Seebruch/ TC Media).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Ryan Lalonde is a Cornwall native and an entertainer who knows a little something about magic. Right now, Lalonde is learning about the magic of community support as he finds local businesses who are eager to support local entertainment.

Lalonde is a magician who has the distinction of being the first Cornwall native entertainer to sell out a show at the Aultsville Theatre. Now, he is returning to Aultsville March 8 & 9 and is asking for support from community business for his local act.

“To continuously fill up the theatre, I feel the love is there,” Lalonde said. “I let everyone know that when they support me, they’re supporting a member of the community.”

Currently, Lalonde has 11 businesses supporting him. Each supporter has purchased a certain level of tickets, and in return for that support, they can receive a personal thank you, their name on thank you posters, their name in the video credits at the end of Lalonde’s show or more, depending on the level of support.

Dave Petrynka of the restaurant Eight Zero Zero was an early supporter of Lalonde and is one of the 11 businesses supporting him in this venture.

“I love to support quality entertainment,” he said. “At the restaurant we’ve had musicians and some top-quality performers. It is about the quality and it has to match my restaurant.”

Lalonde began performing at Eight Zero Zero every Sunday for a couple of years, and wound up doing over 100 shows at the restaurant.

Businesses supporting Lalonde include Theoret Auto Body, World Financial Group, H.Moise Jr. Trucking, Grant Marion Construction, Villeneuve Creations, C.A.P.E, LV Fencing, Eight Zero Zero, MS Mechanical, KV Construction and the Cornwall Comedy Festival.

Lalonde thinks that this local funding model is something that other entertainers or events can consider in helping to support local.

“It is about working together with each other to make Cornwall a better place,” said Petrynka.

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