Letter to the Editor: It is time to honor Mr. Turner

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By Nick Seebruch
Letter to the Editor: It is time to honor Mr. Turner


I am writing in response to “Cornwall’s black history” editorial dated February 6, 2019.

It is time to honor Mr. Turner and to stop just talking about it. It still saddens me when I drive past the site of “The Bob” and it is no longer there. My sons and I had a lot of good times there for House League hockey and Saturday night skates, hanging out with friends and strangers sharing the love of skating and hockey. Good memories.

Mr. Turner passed away before I was born and I have enough sense to recognize that the man needs to be honored in some very special city wide way!
If our newly elected Mayor steps in to get this done, it will not be because she is black or made history with being elected our mayor, it will be because she is a person who understands that this honor is long overdue and will recognize how important this really is for our city!

The time is now…please get this done! Thank you.

Ruth Larose

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