Family fun at Countryside Adventures

Image of Shawna O'Neill
By Shawna O'Neill
Family fun at Countryside Adventures

NORTH STORMONT, Ontario – For its second year, Countryside Adventures is aiming to provide guests with an ultimate authentic, outdoor Canadian experience.

Owner Nicolas Seguin said that the location has been extremely busy this season, especially on holidays.

“There’s stuff to do for the whole family. People love it. People sometimes stay the whole day. It depends what you want to do and maybe how the kids behave,” he said with a chuckle.

The outdoor experience offers a 3 km skating trail, a 3km snowshoeing or cross country skiing trail, a small tobogganing hill and petting zoo, a bonfire to sit by and a food stand with classic Canadian snacks like taffy and moose ears.

Seguin said that many people have told him they opt to stay local now and not venture to any skating destination in our nation’s capital. This weekend guests from across Ontario and Quebec made the journey to our region to have fun on the trails.

Flooding the ice trails is somewhat of a perfect science according to Seguin, but with the extreme cold temperatures we experienced last month, keeping the ice up to a good standard has been more attainable this season compared to last.

“We’re having a lot of fun,” said Olivia Howes-Duval who was skating with her sister Payton and friend Carly Sheard. All their first time skating at Countryside Adventures, the trio were already looking forward to going back.

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