Your Credit Union supports CCH

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By Nick Seebruch
Your Credit Union supports CCH

CORNWALL, Ontario – For nearly 10 years, Your Credit Union in Cornwall has been a loyal supporter of the Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH).

Initially, their support came in the form of annual donations of $5,000. Their support grew over the years as they helped back the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation’s (CCHF) goal of funding and building a new Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

From 2015 until the completion of the project, Your Credit Union committed to donating $10,000 a year in support of CAMH. Thanks in part to this support, the CCHF reached their funding goal of $1.2 million for CAMH 10 months ahead of schedule.

“Supporting the Cornwall Community Hospital was a natural fit for us,” said Doug MacMillan Director of Retail Services at Your Credit Union. “Our members always tell us that for them, healthcare is a priority.”

“We are thrilled to have our partnership with Your Credit Union,” said Amy Gillespie, Executive Director of CCHF. “They are a local business that walks the walk when it comes to community support.”

Your Credit Union is literally a part of the CCH, not just in terms of their support, but they also have a kiosk within the hospital.

“Healthcare and environment are two of the biggest priorities of our members,” said MacMillan. “A lot of our money gets poured back into the communities that we’re a part of.”

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