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Councillor issues challenge to support Children’s Treatment Centre

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By Shawna O'Neill
Councillor issues challenge to support Children’s Treatment Centre
South Stormont Councillor Andrew Guindon.

UNITED COUNTIES, Ontario – South Stormont Councillor Andrew Guindon has decided to challenge fellow SDG Councillors in a fundraising showdown, all in support of the Children’s Treatment Centre in Cornwall.

Guindon, who has been on the Centre’s fundraising committee for the past two years, thought of the challenge very recently as a final push to wind-up philanthropic efforts. He is hoping that Councillors from across the United Counties can collectively raise $3,000 in one week by Monday, Dec. 2. So far, the Council member who Guindon has spoke with about the venture, including David Smith and Jennifer MacIsaac of South Stormont, Sam McDonell of South Glengarry and Jamie MacDonald of North Glengarry, are intrigued to participate.

“It’s crucial that we do anything we can to support the Centre,” said Guindon, who explained that proceeds will support counselling services for young survivors and families, across Cornwall and SDG, who have experienced different forms of abuse. Guindon noted that the Centre thrives on community donations and assisting the recovery process of survivors is something he is glad to be a part of.

Although the challenge comes with a short time frame, Guindon is striving to raise further awareness and stir up some competitive philanthropy among colleagues. He plans to keep track of which municipality will donate the most this season.

To take part or learn more, contact Councillor Guindon at 613-330-1935 or to donate to the Centre directly call 613-933-4400.

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