North Glengarry Fire unveils new Open-Air Burn permits

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By Shawna O'Neill
North Glengarry Fire unveils new Open-Air Burn permits
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NORTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – To provide a more user friendly process, as well as real-time information for both residents and fire officials, the North Glengarry Fire Department unveiled a new Open-Air Burn permit application online here.

The new service will track all active permits in real time, which is projected to improve overall fire safety in the Township. Fire officials may downgrade their response action if they suspect that a report is pertaining to a permitted burn.

Additionally, the new application process offers education for residents and will alert them to potential risks or burn bans if they come into effect. Upon creating a new online account, residents can select how to be notified of burn bans, whether it be via call or text. Residents are also asked to identify their civic addresses, field or farm entrances, any road name and lot number, postal code and specifically click and drag a marker on an online map to the exact location.

Through the creation of an online profile, annual renewals are also made simple. If you are not tech savvy and are looking to apply for a permit, that’s okay: an in-person paper registration process can be conducted at the Township office, which will later be processed through the new online system.

The three type of permits available include:

Recreational: This permit type encompasses fires as outline in Part 2 & 3 of By-Law 48-19. 

Brush: This permit type encompasses fires as outline in Part 2 & 4 of By-Law 48-19. 

Farm and Agricultural: This permit type encompasses fires as outline in Part 2 & 5 of By-Law 48-19. 

There is also a $50 charge for a two-week farm and agricultural burn. If the burn lasts longer than two weeks, another permit must be purchased.

Residents are not required to contact the North Glengarry Fire Department when burning,” read a statement in a Township of North Glengarry press release. “All active fires must always be monitored and have a means of extinguish ready that matches the size of the fire…it is the aim of this new program to simplify the process of registering for a burn permit for our residents, and increased efficiency for our administration.”

Fire administration can be reached at 613-525-1110 to discuss any questions or concerns. 

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