6 Best Jewelry Trends in 2020

6 Best Jewelry Trends in 2020
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Fashion and jewelry trends keep changing, while several designs are classic and will stand the test of time, some of them remain on-trend for a specific period. Designers take inspiration from different sources and create jewelry pieces that are fresh and interesting. Everything from organic-looking sea-shells to a twist on traditional flower designs is sold by top jewelry stores like Flamme en Rose. Here’s a look at the trends of the following year:


1. Layering Different Designs 

Layering jewelry isn’t a new concept, but 2020 has a different approach to this style. You can use chains of different lengths, thicknesses, and styles together as long as they make design sense. The result should be organic and yet cohesive to ensure it looks great. We don’t recommend layering warm or cool-toned jewelry over each other unless the same theme is in-sync with your outfit.

People can layer chains, bracelets, bangles, anklets, and even earrings if they’re creative enough. As long as there’s a flow in the design, you can experiment with all kinds of jewelry.


2. Pearls

Pearls are making a tremendous comeback in recent years because they’re so versatile. You can use them in clothes, belts, jewelry, and accessories to add a soft, sophisticated touch. Around 17% of all brides choose alternatives to a diamond for their wedding ring, and pearls are a popular choice. Actress Emma Stone’s fiancé presented her with a beautiful pearl engagement ring, a short while ago.

Many people don’t buy pearls because they don’t want to look old-fashioned, but stores like Flamme en Rose have an extensive collection of modern pearl jewelry. You can easily find something that is beautiful yet modern.


3. Natural Stones

People today love organic, rustic designs. They prefer rough, hand-crafted pieces to polished machine-work. That’s why natural stones have become very popular recently. Many famous jewelry designers incorporate beautiful and unusual natural stones in their designs. Some of these stones even have live edges to give the pieces a more organic look.

While these pieces are naturally appealing, they also serve a purpose. Many jewelry brands choose stones in their raw state based on their benefits. This is a part of the wellness trend as many people believe that raw stones have calming and soothing properties.


4. Wildlife-Inspired Designs

Wildlife-inspired pieces are always trendy, especially if you choose the right design. Some of the most popular design inspirations are bugs, unconventional birds, primates, and even different species of fish. Designers have gotten creative with how they use their wildlife motifs.

Large bird-shaped pendants, armbands with big spiders on them, snake necklaces, etc., are the latest trend now. There’s something available for every kind of wearer. For example, if you’re hesitant about wearing big, bold pieces, you can choose smaller, elegant ones. A hummingbird pendant or a dolphin earring is suitable for those looking for something more discreet.


5. Chain Chokers

Chokers are some of the most popular necklace styles. They highlight a person’s neck and stand out, immediately catching attention. Chokers come in different forms ranging from simple leather bands to intricate animal-inspired necklaces.

In 2020, chain chokers have taken center-stage. There are different kinds of chain choker designs available in the market, and you can choose either something discreet or bold. The runways had several chunky chokers on display for 2020.


6. Heart-Shaped Pieces

Heart-shaped jewelry pieces never really go out of style. This design is timeless and has universal appeal. However, most heart-shaped pieces available in the market appear childish or dainty. Designers want to add a hint of boldness to this classical style, which is why they introduced large, chunky hearts in their collections for 2020.


These are just some of the many interesting 2020 jewelry trends. You can explore websites like Flamme en Rose to find many trendy and exciting designs.

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