Fish Fry supports Meals on Wheels

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By Shawna O'Neill
Fish Fry supports Meals on Wheels
Sharon and Gerry Potvin at the Fish Fry on March 13. Reg Coffey photo.

SOUTH STORMONT, Ontario – Turnout to the Fish Fry in support of Meals on Wheels was lower than expected on Friday, March 13, due to growing concerns of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have to take what we got because of the circumstances,” said South Stormont Deputy Mayor David Smith. “I’m thankful it took place, it was a small crowd (of 49) — far from 250 the government advised (against).”

Smith feels that if the event was not in support of the important local initiative, the turnout would have been even less. He said that the Township of South Stormont has postponed all community events until further notice and has closed certain community spaces effective March 14. The attendees who did make it enjoyed the perch as well as food brought from home.

“I just came back from Meals on Wheels. They’re very thankful for the donation they got. They said they will start using disposable containers (amid the pandemic),” said Smith.

A lot of the residents who receive Meals on Wheels services are already among an isolated population, noted Smith. He said that volunteer drivers are at little to no risk due to this.

“Everyone is taking this (pandemic) seriously, giving it a lot of thought, and I think we will become a better community when its all over,” said Smith with optimism.

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