Things to know if you’re new to remote work

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Things to know if you’re new to remote work

CORNWALL, Ontario – Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, individuals are being asked to socially distance, work from home where possible, and in some cases, self-isolate.

Kelly Bergeron is a remote worker based in Cornwall. She shared some tips with Seaway News for individuals who suddenly find themselves new to remote work.

1. Have a schedule. Set a solid schedule and follow it. It’s easy to get swept up in procrastination, but be as productive as possible with breaks and a proper lunch hour.

2. Support your local businesses as much as possible. You’ll need to order online for now (if you plan on supporting local eateries). You can always place orders online or over the phone for many local shops. You can grab a gift certificate from this shop and help us keep local shops thriving:

3. Understand which tools will help you work better. Zoom and Google Hangouts for video calls with teams. Slack for online chatting and messaging. Email and social media for staying connected with your favourite people.

4. Take a break. Get a bike, take a ride and get some fresh air and pump up those endorphins. It’ll help you clear your head and keep you feeling good and healthy.

5. Adopt an animal. Take in a foster animal or adopt. These little creatures are so good for your mental health, especially if you’re having a tough day. I tend to walk the dogs a couple of times a day and it feels so good.

6. Have good lighting. This makes such a huge difference. Good lighting should be natural-looking, potentially in front of a window or you can purchase a ring light or another lighting device to have on hand for those teleconferences.

7. Dress nice but comfortably. Because, why not? I think athleisure wear is going to make a huge comeback! I don’t know if that’s a good thing but it’s better than not wearing pants.

8. Make sure you have a quiet space to take calls. Even though we’re all stuck at home with animals, children, spouses, and distractions, it’s important to have a quiet space to take important calls. Use your yard, once it gets nicer out or carve a little office corner out and make sure you have a door.

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