CPS sends birthday wishes

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By Nick Seebruch
CPS sends birthday wishes
Emma Seguin-Boucher. Supplied photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – During these difficult times, members of the Cornwall Police Service (CPS) went above and beyond to help a seven-year-old girl celebrate her birthday.

Emma Seguin-Boucher turned seven on Tuesday, March 24, but was unable to have a big birthday party because of social distancing brought on by COVID-19.

“Emma told me she was sad because we could not have the birthday we originally planned as the virus had another plan so i took to Facebook the night before asking to see if anyone would like to maybe make a poster and just post it on the side of there car in between 12 and 1 we only expected a few if any but this has made her day she has been saying this is the best birthday ever all day we have been having families and people driving past just waving and honking,” said Emma’s mother Christine. “The highlights was the CPS seven cruises pulled up with sirens blaring and blasting happy birthday in there car it was just breath taking.”

Emma was also sent flowers from Floral Expressions and Fudge from Cowan’s Dairy. Emma’s mother Christine said that they even received thank you letters from other families who liked the idea.

“This warmed my heart so much the town really came together to put a smile on my little girls face this will truly be something to remember Emma said the best quarenteen Birthday ever,” Christine said.

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