OPINION: Stuff that you might have missed

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By Nick Seebruch
OPINION: Stuff that you might have missed
Lisa Duprau, Executive Director of the Agapè Centre receiving groceries donated by the Rotary Club of Cornwall. Submitted photo.

With everything going on in the world because of COVID-19, I wanted to take the time to highlight some of the good news and acts of kindness happening in our community that may have gone unnoticed.

It isn’t all doom and gloom out there. We have a community full of people stepping up to the plate who deserve to be recognized.

Face masks

Face masks are quickly becoming a hot commodity. I’ve seen a few people out with the heavy duty N95 medical masks, but really, we should be saving those for our medical professionals who are on the frontline who really need them.

There are merits however, to wearing masks. They won’t keep you from getting sick, but they will help stop you from sharing germs if you’re sick, and this is especially important if you are asymptomatic and don’t know that you’re sick.

There is a slew of members of our community who have taken up the task to ensure that face masks are available for everyone.

Women like Ann Bruni and Elaine Bissonnette, and Linda Schulz, to name a few, are creating face masks to provide an extra layer of protection for the community.

Supporting frontline workers

Earlier this week, you probably read in Seaway News that the Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) has put out the plea for donations of more Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). What you might not have heard was the response from everyday individuals and businesses from Cornwall and SD&G.

Adam Kluver of Lancaster Pizzeria donated boxes of nitrile gloves to the CCH, which were delivered with the help of Julie Garreau.

Arf’ul Good, a pet treat company based in Martintown, also donated some boxes of gloves to the hospital as well (hi mom).

Shining a light in a dark time

Whether it be with chalk in driveways across Cornwall, or with art in windows, since the self-isolation and social distancing began, residents have found ways to make each other feel less alone.

Last week, Danny Ravary shared with me a video of an effort his mother-in-law was participating in to create hearts out of Christmas lights on lawns across one Cornwall neighbourhood.

Both in the figurative and literal sense, these efforts are making our lives a little brighter. I encourage everyone to do their part to shine a light during this difficult period in world history.

Not forgetting those in need

Things are not easy for anyone right now. Many people in our community have seen hours cut or have been laid off entirely. Those of us who have been lucky enough to continue to work from home have had to deal with the challenges of a changing world, and being stuck in the house, day after day, with nowhere to go.

Despite this adversity, the Cornwall community is not forgetting those who face that extra adversity of food insecurity.

Check the Agapè Centre Facebook page to see the outflowing of support for this organization.

The Kinsmen Club of Cornwall, is one of the many organizations that have contributed to the Agapè Centre, donating $5,000.

Jordan and Chris O’Brien of FreshCo organized a gift card drive at their store to help raise funds for the Agapè Centre.

All of this support will help ensure that the Agapè Centre will be able to continue to support the hundreds who rely on it every day for lunch, and the many, many more who rely on the food bank every month.

Everyone who is staying at home

You’re not going to get a medal, but if you are staying at home as much as possible, only going to get groceries and pharmaceuticals when you need to, and keeping your distance from others in general, then you are doing your part in this unique situation, and maybe saving a life.

This global experience is like nothing most of us have gone through before. Our frontline emergency responders, and healthcare workers, don’t have the luxury of staying home, but if you look at what is happening in places like Italy, Spain, and the United States, staying at home will make a real difference and it is the best way we can support those who are fighting this virus every day.

Do you know of any unsung heroes or good news stories that are being overlooked in this crisis? Email me a Letter to the Editor at nseebruch@seawaynews.media

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