Three minutes with the Mayor of Cornwall

Bernadette Clement, Mayor
Three minutes with the Mayor of Cornwall

This pandemic has changed the way we look at the word “normal”.

A “normal” trip to the grocery store now means waiting in line outside, following arrows, and shopping more carefully.

A “normal” afternoon with young children poses new challenges as recreation facilities and entertainment venues are closed.

A “normal” workday may mean working in a newly set up home office. It may mean wearing extra personal protective equipment, or keeping distance from co-workers.

Our new status quo has also changed the way we look at frontline staff. Health workers, from hospital staff to paramedics to long-term care teams, are top of mind. But now, so are grocery store employees, transit operators, mail carriers and delivery drivers, and manufacturers.

My thanks go out to everyone who has made sacrifices over the past two months.
I have seen this idea repeated often on social media: When this pandemic ends, we do not need to rush back to the old “normal.” We can build on the lessons learned during the first months of 2020.

I hope our gratitude for essential and frontline workers and volunteers is one of the pillars that remains. We were thankful before, of course – but the new daily outpouring of support has been heartening and given me hope on otherwise dark days.

To everyone who has helped a neighbour, friend, or stranger: thank you.

The City of Cornwall is taking steps to help residents, businesses and social service providers. You can learn about the resources available to our community at

Finally, I would like to remind you that your actions count. Now is not the time to find ways around the restrictions. The province and public health officials will guide us through a gradual re-opening of our economy. More than ever, we need to come together to ensure the sacrifices made over the last two months were not in vain.

Stay home. Stay connected. Stay hopeful.

And this week, take an extra moment or two to thank a frontline worker or volunteer.

Bernadette Clement

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