Planting for the future on National Nurses Week

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By Nick Seebruch
Planting for the future on National Nurses Week
Staff at Heritage Heights stand alongside the new tree that was planted in honour of National Nurses Week 2020 (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – From May 11 to May 17 is National Nurses Week in Canada. This year, because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, nurses and recognizing their work seems even more important.

To recognize Nurses Week, the staff at Heritage Heights and Heritage Manor planted two trees, one at each site.

The trees are eight-foot-tall White Spruce donated by Villeneuve Creations and planted by PC Landscapes and Design.

At Heritage Heights, the tree was planted just off of the dining room area, for the enjoyment of the residents, and at Heritage Manor, the tree was planted near the road so it can be viewed by passersby.

“The tree was decided on as a tree is a symbol of Beauty, Growth and Strength, much like Nurses,  White Spruce in particular (like other evergreens) are associated with Peace and Protection,” said Sue Crepeau of Heritage Heights. “It will continue to grow and be enjoyed by employees, families, and residents residing in both our homes for years to come.  A plaque will be mounted at the tree that reads “NURSES  IT’S IN OUR NATURE TO CARE DEDICATED TO OUR NURSES. HAPPY NURSES WEEK MAY 11-17 2020.””

Heritage Heights employs 17 nurses, with another 15 employed at Heritage Manor.

“It is a division, you see people on their worst and best days.,” said Student Registered Nurse (S/RN) Rasema

The tree planted at Heritage Manor. Click to enlarge.

Adulovic. “You get to rejoice when good things happen and feel the pain when the opposite occurs.  You are the light people have when at their most vulnerable.  You are responsible for advocating and helping those who cannot help themselves, A modern day superhero.”

Adulovic explained that growing up she idolized these modern day superheroes, the men and women in the nursing profession.

“My father spent many years of my childhood in and out of hospitals. My mother worked three jobs and I had to go with my dad to all his dialysis sessions and appointments the nurses would help me with my homework and kept me busy and safe at all times. If I can help one patient or one family the way the nurses helped me that will fulfill my reason for becoming a nurse,” she said.

Despite the hardships that come with the profession, some of the strongest memories are joyful ones, as Personal Support Worker (PSW) Ana Cerritos explained.

“The strongest memory that I will always remember and keep close to my heart was being able to assist in the delivery of a baby for a woman in her own home,” she said.

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