Shaving the stache for charity

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By Nick Seebruch
Shaving the stache for charity
Thom Racine with his mustache highlighted. Photo from CPA Facebook.

CORNWALL, Ontario – A few weeks ago, he shaved his head, now he is taking it a step further and losing all of the fur on his face for charity.

Two weeks ago, retired Cornwall Police Service (CPS) officer Thom Racine shaved his head in support of the St. Vincent de Paul Society and raised $5,800 for that organization. Now, his former colleagues in the Cornwall Police Association (CPA) have challenged him to shave off his mustache too if he can reach $10,000.

Racine grew his mustache for the first time in 1985 and has worn it ever since. While he says it will be hard to see it go, it is for a good cause.

It will not just be Racine who will have to get used to his fresh looking face, but his wife Karen Torrie-Racine will have to embrace it as well.

“Other than thinking I will look 10-years-old, she is all about the charity,” Racine said.

CPA President Dave MacLean said that not only was his organization happy to support a good cause, but were also interested in seeing Thom without a mustache for the first time in 35 years.

“I’ve never seen him without his mustache so we thought we would challenge him to shave the scruff,” said MacLean. “He might look 10 years younger. It will be interesting to see that upper lip.”

MacLean explained that the Police Association of Ontario (PAO) has donated $1,500 to each police association in Ontario and have encouraged them to offer support in their community during the difficult time of the pandemic.

In addition to the $1,500 from the PAO, the CPA has pledged to donate to the cause themselves, and have encouraged their members and members of the community to donate as well.

The shaving will take place on May 24 on Thom Racine’s Facebook through Facebook Live.

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