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Painting with passion for a good cause

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By Nick Seebruch
Painting with passion for a good cause
Eileen Doherty with some of her paintings that have been hung up on a wall at Heritage Heights Retirement Home. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – One resident of Heritage Heights Retirement Home is using her passion for painting to support a cause close to her heart.

Eileen Doherty, 84, has been a resident at Heritage Heights Retirement Home and since 2013 has been involved with the Seaway Valley Community Health Centre’s (SVCHC) Primary Care Outreach to Seniors program.

The program supports seniors in their homes and aims at improving overall health of seniors living at home and also reducing isolation.

“I volunteered and took many classes through the program such as Walking/Exercise,  Stress Management,  Food Responsibility all with the goal of improving my medical and physical well being,” said Doherty. “I consider Seaway Valley staff and Heritage Heights staff my extended family and love them all.”

Doherty has decided to sell some of her paintings and donate the proceeds to the SVCHC’s Primary Care Outreach program.

“I have always had a desire to learn new things, painting relaxes me and I love it. I love creating through my imagination and with each painting I learn more about myself,” Doherty said.

Doherty has around 50 paintings that she has produced so far, and continues to paint on almost a daily basis.

“I have painted off and on over the years mostly abstract,” she said. “I have moved into Heritage Heights Retirement Home almost  2 years ago and I paint almost everyday. I find I learn more from each picture I paint. I did not take lessons,  I guess I’m just a natural. All the staff at Heritage encourage me to paint so now I consider myself an Artist. I love them for giving me the support for something that I so enjoy and brings happiness, their support has given me an Identity I am no longer invisible.”

Sue Crepeau, Administrator at Heritage Heights said that she was happy to support a passion project like Doherty’s.

“I have supported Eileen’s painting and poetry work since her admission here at Heritage Heights,” Crepeau said. “I have given her a wall in our home designated to just her work. Since doing this I have received many compliments from other residents and family’s and could see all enjoying these painting. There beautiful, very colorful and brighten up the home.  Every time Eileen completes a painting she will come and show me and I can’t express enough the joy that it brings her and myself. I will always encourage any of our residents to follow their passion and support them in any way I can. Especially during this time with so much social distancing having a pass time is so very important.”

Those interested in buying one of Doherty’s paintings may view them on the Heritage Heights Retirement Home Facebook page, and from there they can call Heritage Heights to setup payment. Doherty feels that her paintings are priceless and therefore, is letting the public set their price for their painting.

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