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Dr. Paul asks for continued patience with COVID restrictions

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By Nick Seebruch
Dr. Paul asks for continued patience with COVID restrictions
Dr. Paul Roumeliotis of the EOHU.

CORNWALL, Ontario – In his update to the media on Monday, June 1, the start of the twelfth week of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) region, Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, Chief Medical Officer of Health with the EOHU, asked for continued patience.

“I can’t underscore this enough,” he said. “That if a business can’t screen customers at the door that they have signs that say if you are sick, don’t go out. I am pleading with you, if you are sick, you should stay at home.”

Dr. Roumeliotis reminded those on the call that the EOHU region is still under a State of Emergency because of the pandemic.

Other precautions that Dr. Roumeliotis asked residents to continue observing is the wearing of masks in public, only one family member going to the grocery store, and to not visit members outside of your household or to host visitors.

That being said, Dr. Roumeliotis also said that he could foresee a relaxation of restrictions in the coming weeks or days, including an increase on the number of people allowed to gather together in public to ten.

In Quebec, some businesses began to open on Monday, including hair salons, but Dr. Roumeliotis is discouraging the public from being tempted to go to Quebec for a hair cut.

“Hang on just a while longer,” he said.

There are currently 149 COVID-19 cases that have been confirmed in the EOHU region, with 115 of those resolved. There are three individuals in the hospital with one in an intensive care unit. There have been 11 fatalities, all in the Pinecrest Nursing Home in Plantagenet.

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