Ten ways to celebrate the Glengarry Highland Games this year

Provided by the Glengarry Highland Games
Ten ways to celebrate the Glengarry Highland Games this year
Lachlan and Cael McCormick celebrating the 72nd year of the Highland Games by checking out some of the vendors (John MacGillis/ Seaway News).

MAXVILLE, Ontario –

  1. Gather friends and family (according to covid rules ) and watch the Games Video launching on Friday, July 31 at 4 pm. Cast the video to your smart tv and have a wee ceilidh. Find someone with a projector and a sheet and have a backyard party. Replay the video both nights and have two great Games parties.
  2. Watch the Games Token Toss airing Thursday, July 30 at 6pm and see how well your favourite Games Directors do tossing the token. Place bets on who will drop the token.
  3. Guess the Games trivia and bingo questions and have a competition with friends to see who knows more about the Games.
  4. Watch the massed highland fling that will be posted on Facebook Friday morning and see dancers from around the world joining our own local dancers. Guess how many dancers will appear.
  5. Gather friends and family and do a mini heavyweights event. Have different classes – Masters, Pros, Amateur, Women and Juniors. Check out this website for ideas on how to create your events:  https://www.instructables.com/id/Backyard-Highland-Games/
  6. For a fee, the Glengarry Pipe Band is hosting “PIPERGRAMS”.  Pipers, drummers and dancers will show up at your home with your bubble friends to celebrate the Games.   They are advertising on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sites.
  7. Stream the Glengarry Highland Games playlists on Spotify and Apple . There is a party list and a traditional one, so you can play the one that suits your group. Great for listening as you cut the hay or drive back and forth to work or just hang out on Games weekend. Links can be found on the Games Facebook and Instagram pages.
  8. Make sure you read the Glengarry News supplement on July29th and learn more about the Games history and why people keep coming back decade after decade.
  9. Watch a re-run of the historic church service Kirkin’ of the Tartan on Sunday, August 2nd!
  10. Dig out your tartan and Games shirts and fill the streets of our Glengarry towns with your Scottish pride. Create your own clan parade.
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