Slow Down and Stay Safe

Cornwall Police Service
Slow Down and Stay Safe

The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) is reminding motorists to slow down. During the month of August, officers will be looking for drivers violating the posted speed limits as part of the CPS’ monthly traffic initiative.

According to a Road Safety Report provided by Transport Canada, 27% of fatalities and 19% of serious injuries in collisions involve speeding.

“Speeding is too often a factor in motor vehicle collisions,” said Constable Patrick Depratto of the CPS Traffic Unit. “When a driver is speeding, it puts that driver and all other road users at risk.”

The CPS is reminding all motorists to slow down and abide by the posted speed limits set in place.

Enhancing traffic safety is a major objective within the CPS Strategic Plan. As such, monthly safety initiatives have been developed to keep the public informed and promote safer roadways and bike paths. These initiatives will be carried out by the Traffic Unit, as well as Community Patrol Officers.

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