Masks for class

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By Nick Seebruch
Masks for class
Alison Eamon with her aunt Mary Lafave and the masks she made for Alisons Kindergarten class at Longue Sault Public School. Submitted photo.

LONG SAULT, Ontario – Mary Lafave started out making just one mask, to help her daughter who had a doctors appointment in Ottawa.

Since she made that first mask back in March, she has made dozens more. Now Mary donated enough to her niece Alison Eamon, to ensure that every student in her Kindergarten class at Longue Sault Public can have one.

While students in Grade 3 and under will not be required to wear masks in the fall, Mary said that she thought perhaps it could help to get them started early.

The masks Mary makes are two pieces of 100 per cent cotton sewn together with a polypropylene filter in the middle and a piece of elastic.

“My happy place is behind my sewing machine at the moment,” Mary said. “This has given me purpose throughout all of this COVID stuff.”

Mary has made masks for all of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and other relatives.

For her part, Alison has stated that she will send her 26 students home with masks and it will be up to parents if they want their child wearing one. As a teacher, Alison will be required to wear a mask come the fall.

Alison explained that in addition to masks, there are other changes that can be expected in the classroom because of COVID-19.

“Kindergarten is a very play based program,” she said. “I think getting outside in fresh air as often as possible will be the best way to keep them safe.”

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