Rotary Club selling ‘mums for Thanksgiving

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By Nick Seebruch
Rotary Club selling ‘mums for Thanksgiving
Sharon Miller with some Rotary 'mums. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise’s oldest fundraiser is well underway.

‘Mums for Thanksgiving is all about offering beautiful and colourful chrysanthemum flowers to brighten up any Thanksgiving table.

The live flowers, sourced from a farm in Southern Ontario, are sold for $15 each and come in 6″ pots.

For 31 years, the ‘mums for Thanksgiving fundraiser has allowed the Rotary Club Sunrise to support several major local projects such as the Benson Centre, the Aquatic Centre and play equipment in Lamoureux Park.

“With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, Agape Centre and the Salvation Army Food Banks; Baldwin House; Akwesasne Family Wellness Centre and Centre 105 have become a primary focus in helping to ensure that our citizens receive help at this difficulty time,” said Bette Miller of the Rotary Club. “It is our hope that successful fundraising will also enable continuation of the support we have been proud to give to various youth and other programs.”

Miller explained that the flowers are a great gift or a great way to say thank you. They are great gifts for first responders, to brighten up the workplace for someone working from home, or to remind a loved one in self-isolation that you are thinking of them.

“When someone purchases a Rotary ‘mum plant, it actually accomplishes at least two things, it lets Rotary help our community and it makes someone happy,” said Miller. “It is the money raised in this way that is used to help support our food banks and provide local amenities that benefit our citizens.”

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