Autographs for Awareness

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Autographs for Awareness
Brennan Rozon and Natasha Beaudry.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Autographs for Awareness is a fundraiser being run as a part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Natasha Beaudry and her partner Brennan Rozon have wrapped the hood of their 2016 Honda Civic with a white cover featuring the Breast Cancer Awareness Month pink ribbon. They have been driving their car around the region collecting Autographs for Awareness on the hood and donations to help fight breast cancer.

“Ever since Natasha beat breast cancer almost three years ago, it has changed our outlook on life and given us a new appreciation for it. We aim to live each day to it’s fullest potential doing as many things as we can to make happy memories as well as help as many people as we can when we have the opportunity,” reads a statement from Brennan Rozon to Seaway News. “Since cancer and really experiencing the emotions of how precious life is and how quickly it can end, we try to make the most of our time. We have thought about doing our own fundraiser for a while and brainstormed many ideas. We usually do volunteer work, attend as many fundraisers and community events as possible to do our part whenever we can however this year due to the pandemic, we were so limited as to what we could do to help. Most events and fundraisers were cancelled. We were able to make a few online donations however it just wasn’t as fulfilling of a feeling. So we went over some ideas again and decided no better of a time to try and give back than now.”

Funds being raised will be going to the Kelly Shires Foundation. The Kelly Shires Foundation is in honour of Kelly Shires, a woman who died to breast cancer in 2004. The foundation supports those fighting breast cancer with things like wigs, prosthetics, transportation to treatments, lodging expenses, hospital parking cost, counseling and more and helped Natasha during her breast cancer battle.

This is the first year that Natasha and Brennan have held this event, they said that they originally set a low goal of $500 because they were unsure of the response, but they have been overwhelmed by the support.

So far the pair have raised $1,855 and have collected dozens of signatures.

“We have been collecting signatures mostly by online request. This way we avoid gathering or crowds and follow the social distance protocols,” Brennan wrote. “We sanitize the markers after each use. We have had a few local businesses that requested pop ins. Even the Cornwall Police Services reached out wanting to autograph and make a donation.”

Natasha and Brennan were sponsored for this fundraiser by Visual Vinyl who wrapped the hood of their car. They say that the response to the fundraiser has been great.

“People have been absolutely loving the idea behind Autographs for Awareness. We have had very positive feedback. It is creative and allows others to be creative. Some have signed for others or in memory of,” wrote Brennan.

For more information about the Autographs for Awareness fundraiser or to contribute, visit their Facebook page.

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