Kinsmen support Air Cadets

Provided by the Kinsmen Club of Cornwall
Kinsmen support Air Cadets
On the left is Kim Nadler (vice-president) and at center is Melanie Paquette (treasurer) of the SSC (Squadron Sponsorship Committee)

CORNWALL, Ontario – Since 1933, the Cornwall Kinsmen Club has raised funds through a range of activities and invested these funds in order to meet the Community’s Greatest Needs.  These needs change from year to year and thus we adjust the flow of funds accordingly.  To assist us in our strategic process we have identified 7 broad categories:

  • Relief of Poverty;
  • Advancement of Education;
  • Culture and the Arts;
  • Health and Welfare;
  • Enhancement of Youth;
  • Enhancement of Public Security and;
  • Community Service

Over the last year, a strategic planning process was undertaken internally to determine the levels of funding that would be allocated to each of these broad categories.  Today’s donation falls under the enhancement of youth thrust of our strategy.   All community applications received were reviewed by members of the Cornwall Kinsmen Club and a budget for the year was established.  Groups may still submit requests during the year for consideration – application form is available on our web site

Today we are pleased to announce the 2020/2021 donation of $2,200 to the Air Cadet Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC)  (for purchase of a canoe and specialized monitor for flight simulator) which is the civilian element of the squadron staff.  The SSC is a working support committee that is a member of, and supervised by, the Air Cadet League of Canada.  It is comprised of persons approved, registered and screened in accordance with league policy to complete the functions required to support the squadron.

 A chief responsibility of the SSC is to co-ordinate the raising of private funds for the unit and its activities.  The unit’s current primary fundraising event is Tagging, however we are exploring and open to other avenues of fundraising as well.

 Other responsibilities of the SSC include, but are not limited to, recruiting cadets and officers to the squadron, screening volunteers, providing office and training facilities, and participating in senior rank selections and the selection of certain honors and awards.

The Kinsmen Club wishes to thank all our community supporters that make these donations possible.  TV Bingo players & merchants, participants at some of our events (Kinsmen Farmers Market, Pizza Party) and our other fundraising events.

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