LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Excellent suggestion for traffic circle

Seaway News Staff
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Excellent suggestion for traffic circle
A Cornwall police cruiser stationed near the Rotary Traffic Circle on Nov. 26.

The editor:

In his letter “Traffic circle proposal” (December 2nd) Andrew Kellogg has put forward an excellent suggestion. The situation highlighted by Mr. Kellogg is, indeed, a good example of where a roundabout would serve to allow traffic to flow and, at the same time, reduce the chance of serious accidents.
It is, however, only one example of where a roundabout would best serve Cornwall residents and visitors. The junction of Ninth and McConnell, with its available space, would have been an ideal location for a roundabout but traffic lights were installed instead; a wasted opportunity to reduce the daily emission of carbon dioxide from the huge numbers of vehicles stopped at the lights – compounding the damage to the ionosphere. It seems such simple logic – keep the traffic moving!

Which brings me to the roundabout on Brookdale Avenue where, contrary to international roundabout practice, a line tells traffic on the roundabout to stop in favour of traffic from Brookdale Avenue. It is understood Brookdale Avenue is the major thoroughfare but that should not count in a traffic roundabout, particularly a two-lane roundabout, where traffic must be allowed to flow freely. Again, simple logic – you don’t install a roundabout to keep traffic flowing and then stop it!

Over the years the city’s horticultural department has done a wonderful job with the landscaping, the flowers around the city have been spectacular. The bike path must be the envy of other cities, the improvements to sidewalks, roads etc. are giving Cornwall a new appearance. Let’s hope the city engineering department can look at ways to make the roads safer.

Janet Milnes
Long Sault

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