Seaway News Staff

Dear Editor,

Our provincial Conservative majority government is back to its true agenda. I suppose they are already aware that they will not have a majority again for a long time and perhaps never if we get ranked ballot voting, so they are going to jam through as many extreme measures as possible in the time given.
The worst recent decision is Schedule 6 of Bill 229 restricting the powers of the Conservation Authorities. No matter what doublespeak the government spins on this policy it comes down to the government’s desire to make decisions based solely on political consideration with no input from science. This policy continues the long list of attacks on the environment and on science-based decision making.

A less important decision but extremely troubling is the vote to grant university status to Canada Christian College because its owner, Mr. McVety and Premier Ford are friends. This is a blatant abuse of governmental authority. However, what is even scarier is how it promotes the warped ideology of Mr. McVety. One has to wonder if Mr. McVety will be recognized as a Christian at the Pearly Gates. Granting this college university status is a direct attack on science-based decision making.

I guess the members of this government have looked at science-based predictions concerning climate change and the degradation of our environment and have decided to get as much as they can while the getting is good. How unfortunate!

Warren Brownlee,
Cornwall, Ontario

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