Char-Lan Skating Club test results

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By Nick Seebruch
Char-Lan Skating Club test results
Pictured from left-to-right front row: Oliver Phypers, Jessica Lopez, Charlotte Phypers, Alessia MacDonald, and Katrina Vivaraies. Middle row: Annie Edwards, Anthony MacDonald, Grace Vivaraies, and Stephanie Slinger. Back row: Fiona Laplante, Michaela Moffatt, Evie Cockings, and Tessa Davies. Submitted photo.

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ontario – Earlier in December, the Char-Lan Skating Club’s skaters recently received their Skate Canada Standardized Assessment results.

“A huge shout out to the Township of South Glengarry for all their hard work and support in preparing our facility and ice surface for this special day. They have done a tremendous job at keeping us all safe so that we can continue to do what we love,” reads a statement from the Char-Lan Skate Club.

The club noted that the Skate Canada Evaluator volunteered their time to give their skaters valuable feedback to help them grow.

“Thank you to our Assessment Coordinator, Cindy Luck-Cornes for organizing the day under very unique circumstances,” the Char-Lan Skating Club statement goes on to read.

The results are as follows:

Oliver Phypers STAR 1 Dance

Jessica Lopez STAR 3a Dance Baby Blues & STAR 3b Dance Elements

Charlotte Phypers STAR 2b Dance Canasta Tango

Alessia MacDonald STAR 6c Dance Fourteen Step

Katrina Vivaraies STAR 6b Dance European Waltz

Annie Edwards STAR 1 Dance

Anthony MacDonald STAR 9b Dance Blues and STAR 7 Skills

Grace Vivaraies STAR 1 Dance

Stephanie Slinger STAR 1 Skills

Fiona Laplante STAR 9a Dance Paso Doble

Michaela Moffatt STAR 4 Freeskate Program

Evie Cockings STAR 4a Dance Swing

Tessa Davies STAR 3 Skills and STAR 3 Freeskate Elements

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