Petition asks Riverdale Ave. traffic issues be addressed

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By Nick Seebruch
Petition asks Riverdale Ave. traffic issues be addressed
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CORNWALL, Ontario – A petition from the Riverdale Safety Association has been sent to Cornwall City Council asking that raises specific issues they feel need to be addressed.

The petition states that both speed and volume of traffic on Riverdale Ave. has become a problem.

“With recent and ongoing development in the north end of Riverdale, there has been a significant increase of traffic volume and speeds,” the petition reads. “Moreover, the constant truck traffic servicing the new Parkwood estates subdivision is a clear contravention of posted vehicle restrictions. These large trucks and flatbeds not only add to the congestion at the intersection of Riverdale Ave. and Grant Ave., but also generate enough vibrations to shake the house foundations on Grant, Riverdale, and adjoining side streets.”

The petition goes on to warn of the dangers posed to students of the near by elementary schools, Viscount Alexander Public School and St. Anne’s Catholic Elementary School.

The petition asks that existing vehicle restrictions in the area of Grant Ave. and Riverdale Ave. be enforced, and that a four-way stop be installed at the intersection. Furthermore, the petition asks that other traffic calming strategies and safe crosswalks for pedestrians be installed and that alternate routes be developed to Power Dam Dr. from the north end of Riverdale Ave.

At time of writing, there were over 80 signatures to the petition.

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