Sisters for Life raise over $30K

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By Nick Seebruch
Sisters for Life raise over $30K
Pictured are Sisters for Life members Monique Rutley, Maureen Robertson, Kim Casselman, Susan Casselman, Kaitlyn Beehler, Joy Krol, and Cindy Ault-Peters of the WDMH Foundation. Submitted photo.

WINCHESTER, Ontario – In a difficult fundraising year, the Sisters for Life still managed to raise $33,038.54 for local causes.

Some of the money raised has been given to the Canadian Cancer Society for their regional Wheels of Hope program, which helps cancer patients get to their medical appointments. Funding will also be gong to the Canadian Cancer Society’s Immunotherapeutics Research Project, which aims at fighting the ravaging effects cancer has on the body.

The rest of the raised funds have been donated to the Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) Mamography Fund.

“Sisters for Life would like to thank their many generous supporting community members and businesses. Together we are making a difference,” reads a statement from the Sisters for Life. “There is much to do – we hope you will join with us in 2021 as we continue the fight against cancer. For more information see Facebook: Sisters for Life: Choose Hope & Anything is Possible.”

Above and beyond the over $33,000 that the Sisters for life raised, they also secured matching funding for every dollar.

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