LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Overriding expertise of Conservation Authorities

Seaway News Staff

Dear Mr. McDonell,

 I am writing to express my outrage with the recently passed Schedule 6 within Bill 229.  It allows ministers to override the expertise provided by Conservation Authorities, the agencies engaged in protecting the ecological integrity of the land over which we, the public, have entrusted them with authority!

Ontario will not be “Open for Business” for very long if we are willing to sell out natural heritage and degrade the ecological integrity of what remains of our beautiful province.  

As we have seen in the past, when flooding and degradation of water quality comes after the removal of wetlands, forests and natural greenbelt areas, homeowners and tourist businesses come knocking on the government’s door for compensation and citizens get handed the bill. And once these areas are gone they are gone!

I’m sure you would like to be remembered for standing up for a future that includes clean water, fresh air and a healthy environment for our children and grandchildren rather than for one more warehouse being built on a wetland.

I urge you to restore the Conservation Authorities ability to protect Ontario’s forests, wetlands, farmlands and river valleys for the long-term health of Ontario’s land and its citizens.


Susan Towndrow, BLA.
Cornwall, Ontario

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