MP: China is a challenge that we need to confront

Three minutes with MP Eric Duncan
MP: China is a challenge that we need to confront
Eric Duncan in Parliament on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

It comes without saying that Canada faces a lot of challenges right now. From ending the COVID-19 pandemic, to creating an economic recovery to bring our jobs back, to protecting Canadians in an increasingly dangerous world, and to returning to sustainable spending levels, these are just some of the key priorities.

Solving these challenges won’t be easy, and it is clear that Canada will need smart, competent leadership if we are to achieve those goals.

However, there is a growing threat that weaves between all these challenges Canada faces, and that is the growing, negative influence the Communist Party of China is having on Canada’s best interests and our future.

We are in this economic and health crisis because of China. That is clear, and numerous countries around the world are rightfully demanding an independent investigation into how we got into this mess, and how we can ensure something of this magnitude never happens again. Despite this common sense concept, China continues to play games and deny access to information and witnesses.

China also continues to unlawfully hold Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig in prison, is attempting to suppress democracy in Hong Kong, and is clearly committing a genocide with the abuse and murder of the Uyghurs population in northwestern China.

These are not the signs of an ally and friendly nation. China is a growing problem that Canada needs to address with bold action.

Recently, I joined my Conservative colleagues in calling for the 2022 Summer Olympics to be moved from Beijing and we are forcing votes to call out the Communist Party of China’s inhumane treatment of their own people as a genocide.

Canada is known and respected for standing up for human rights and for what is right in the world. I’m proud to stand up and be counted as a Canadian voice wanting to do exactly that with the Communist Party of China. It is long past due.

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