A year in the making, a call for support

Your CCHF Check-up with Amy Gillespie
A year in the making, a call for support
As a show of kindness to frontline workers, the Cornwall Kinsmen delivered roses to CCH staff members for Valentine's Day. Submitted photo.

When an anniversary relives happy memories, we look forward to the occasion. But looking back isn’t always easy. Sometimes anniversaries mark times of difficulty, uncertainty, or forced change. It’s especially hard to recognize a passing year when the situation it marks remains unresolved.

March 2021 represents the one-year anniversary of our current global pandemic. By now we’ve lived through 12 months with COVID-19, 52 weeks with restrictions, 365 days of whirlwind change. It’s a milestone when we want a finish line.

Reflecting on the past year, I hope future generations benefit from what we’ve learned. Time with family and friends certainly feels more precious than ever. Aside from those who know and love us, it’s also clear how much we rely on frontline professionals who have no relation to us at all.

Though our second provincial lockdown is over, and the optimism of spring lies ahead, life for those working at CCH remains the same. In fact, restrictions across our hospital are more demanding than before. Our physicians, nurses, and staff are tired. And yet, the healthcare heroes we celebrated daily during wave one continue prioritizing the good health of our community, no matter the circumstance.

The one-year anniversary of COVID-19 isn’t a pleasant occasion to face, but if we look hard enough maybe we can find beauty in shared resilience. So, on behalf of our Hospital Foundation, I’m inviting you to help reclaim the month of March in a positive and productive way.

Twelve months in, our frontlines need your encouragement more than ever. While we can’t walk a mile in their shoes, we can share words of support in tribute to their care. We can let them know our community still stands behind them.

So, how can you help? We want to hear stories about healthcare heroes across every department at CCH who have made a difference in your life, or in the lives of your loved ones. We want to accept pictures, videos or artwork inspired by their care, right here at home. Most of all, we want to create a movement of encouragement for our frontlines, one year later.

During the month of March, please contact us with stories and support in one of two ways: through direct message at our Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation Facebook page, or by emailing foundation@cornwallhospital.ca with the subject line, “A tribute to frontline care”.

For more information about our Hospital Foundation, or to donate today, please visit www.cornwallhospitalfoundation.ca.

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