CPS use of force down in 2020 from previous year

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CPS use of force down in 2020 from previous year
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CORNWALL, Ontario – The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) saw their officers use force fewer times in 2020 than in the previous year.

In total, there were 36 instances of force being used by a CPS officer in 2020, compared to 40 in 2019.

A CPS officer must file a use of force report if they draw or use their fire arm, draw or use a Conducted Energy Weapon (taser) or use an impact weapon such as a police baton.

According to the CPS 2020 Use of Force report, officers drew their guns seven times, a police baton was used once, tasers were drawn 16 times and used 11 and the CPS Emergency Response Team used a bean bag gun once.

CPS Chief Danny Aikman stated that each Use of Force report that was submitted was reviewed and found to have complied with relevant legislation and policies.

No individual was found to have required medical assistance as a result of force used by a CPS officer, and no officer was required to undertake remedial training as a result of a use of force.

In addition to the 36 use of force instances that resulted from an interaction between a police officer and a member of the public, there were also three instances where a CPS officer fired their weapon in the course of terminating an animal.

In 2020 there were a total of 1,823 custodial arrests made by CPS officers.

Police Board Chair Glen Grant noted that most of the Use of Force reports for 2020 were filed in the first six months of the year.

“When I was use of force trainer, I always noticed that the summer months were busiest,” said Chief Aikman, who went on to explain that there was no accounting for why in 2020 it was the first six months of the year that saw an increase in use of force incidents.

“It is a very complete report. The police department are doing an excellent job,” said Police Board member Bill Beattie.

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