AHEALTHYYOU for all ages

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AHEALTHYYOU for all ages

CORNWALL, Ontario – Dante Bean is passionate about health and fitness and he believes that his new brand of vitamins offered by his start-up AHEALTHYYOU can help anyone at any age.

After many years participating in a variety of competitive sports, Bean decided to become a personal trainer four years ago. It was Bean’s passion for wellness, an active lifestyle and healthy living that prompted him to start AHEALTHYYOU.

“The natural progression was for me to start a brand AHEALTHYYOU which represents my mantra. Both supplementation and training others to be their best, became my passion and therefore my ultimate goal,” Bean said.

Bean studied Health and Fitness at Algonquin College, is Can Fit Pro certified in Personal Training and has a Paul Cheks Holistic Level 1 Instructor’s Degree.

Bean explains that his brand offers a variety of supplements to meet a range of different goals including: better body sports nutrition, immune system support, healthy heart, general  health, skin care, and natural anti-inflammatory.

AHEALTHYYOU has grown significantly in the past four months according to Bean, and has added a private workout space where clients can receive the support they need in a non-judgmental environment.

“The completion of the private gym was the largest step,” Bean said. “Moving forward we will be going from 5,000 squ s to 10,000 squ s in the next two months time. Branding Ahealthyyou is a key focus for us, finally we will be making sure that all Covid protocols are put into place to provide a safe atmosphere and experience for the client.”

Learn more at: www.ahealthyyou.ca

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