South Glengarry residents asks council to regulate short-term renters

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South Glengarry residents asks council to regulate short-term renters
Stephanie St. Denis-Kasper and Jason Kasper (pictured centre) present to South Glengarry Council about their issues with short-term renters on Monday, May 3, 2021.

SOUTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – Two South Glengarry residents made a presentation to Council on Monday, May 3 asking that they look at regulating short-term renters in the municipality.

“I live at Wesley’s Point and in recent years I have seen some nearby properties become rentals and have heard of other owners thinking about doing the same,” reads a submission to Council from Stephanie St. Denis-Kasper and Jason Kasper. “With the high demand for vacation rentals created by the pandemic, we are worried that more waterfront owners will be tempted to start renting out their properties as short-term rentals. This is likely to become a nuisance for neighbouring residents who would have to endure frequent large gatherings and parties, noise, campfire smoke and traffic.”

Stephanie St. Denis-Kasper told Council that it was not just a matter of being a nuisance, but also a matter of health and safety, as well as property standards.

“I feel like we pay high taxes to be in a residential zone and not a commercial zone. I don’t think I should have to put up with a high volume of strangers coming and going,” she told Council.

St. Denis-Kasper asked Council to consider requiring property owners who wish to rent out their property for short-term rentals, as is done with the online AirBnB service, to get a permit.

She also asked that these property owners be taxed for engaging in this activity, that there be a limit on occupants staying at a short-term rental property, and that safety inspections be done and fines enforced.

In February of 2021, the Township of South Dundas adopted a short-term rental by-law that requires property owners to obtain a license from the municipality.

Council thanked St. Denis-Kasper and Jason Kasper for bringing the issue to their attention and stated that Township administration would study the issue and would return with a report in a couple of months.

“I am looking forward to see what staff brings back to council for recommendations on this and I will look at it closely and we’ll go from there,” said Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden.

On Tuesday, May 4, there were approximately 13 properties listed for short-term rent on AirBnB’s website.

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