Grouping up and getting active

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By Nick Seebruch
Grouping up and getting active
Lauren Secord wearing her Fitness Challenge t-shirt. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The ongoing lockdown and stay-at-home order can make it difficult to remain active, but Lauren Secord has set out to walk 100km this month, and is finding that there are many who are eager to join her.

“I attempted it last year after a friend posted it on Facebook,” Secord explained. “I needed something to clear my head after work, so I just started walking. I was a few kms shy of 100 for May last year, so I pushed it for June and ended up with 167. Here we are a year later, and I think it may just become an annual thing now.”

Secord is not alone in taking up this challenge. She created a Facebook page titled 100k In May With Lauren which at time of writing has over 400 members who have also taken up the challenge.

She explained that she’s been receiving great feedback from other participants.

“I’ve received a ton of positive feedback from people since starting the group,” said Secord. “The general sentiment is that most people are just happy to have a common goal to strive for, and something to think about besides the everyday madness. Everyone seems to have their own reason for doing this, and that’s great! We’ve created a really comfortable space for people to be vulnerable and share their thoughts and feelings. It’s become a very motivating and inspiring place, with a lot of honesty and encouragement.”

Pariticpants can complete their 100kms through either walking, biking, or paddling or in whatever other way they see fit.

Group members can also get t-shirts for $25, made by Mike’s Printing and Apparel, with $5 going to support the United Way of SDG.

“I think it really was like a snowball. Once a few people joined and saw how much fun it was to be part of the group, more and more people started joining,” Secord said. “Lockdowns suck, and this gave everyone a little something to work toward in the meantime. It’s crazy how good it feels to set a goal and achieve it, no matter how big or small. It’s awesome we get to help the United Way too!”

Secord expects to reach her 100km goal by the end of the month, and has plans for new goals for herself and the group later in the summer.

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