Cornwall and SD&G waive temporary patio fees

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Cornwall and SD&G waive temporary patio fees
Hassan Rafiei and Justine Levac of Schnitzels European Flavours with the pop-up patio outside of the restaurant during the summer of 2020. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The City of Cornwall and the United Counties of SD&G are encouraging restaurants, bars, and breweries to build extended patios this summer, and are waiving the applications fees.

In 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both regional municipalities allowed businesses to build temporary extended patios to allow them to serve more customers in a safe and socially distanced way.

“We had great success with the temporary patio program last summer and we look forward to offering the same support to restaurants and bars this year,” said Mark Boileau, General Manager of Planning, Development, and Recreation with the City of Cornwall. “The most recent lockdown has been particularly hard for restaurants and bars who were hoping to take advantage of the warmer weather. We hope opening the patio application process now and waiving our fee will help businesses plan for when the Province eventually lifts outdoor dining restrictions.”

For the United Counties of SD&G, they wanted to streamline a process and help support an industry sector that has struggled due to provincially mandated lockdowns.

“With the pandemic continuing to have a terrible impact on the local restaurant industry, we’re hoping that small gestures such as the waiving of application fees will help to spur a recovery for these all-important small businesses,” said SDG Warden Frank Prevost.

In 2020 the City of Cornwall allowed some restaurants to extend their patios on to sidewalks or on to street parking zones.

The United Counties of SD&G state that businesses that wish to build side street patios must consult with the lower tier municipality where their business is located as well as the United Counties of SD&G and provide an acceptable sketch of what the patio would look like.

The City of Cornwall is asking for the following criteria in their applications:

  • Address and contact information,
  • Plan of patio, including number of tables and seats (consider using an aerial image from Google Maps),
  • If expansion to an existing patio is proposed, please include the intended expansion along with the existing patio,
  • Indicate if a structure is being incorporated (for instance, a raised platform or temporary fencing),
  • If located on private property, please include a statement of consent from the private property owner,
  • If looking to extend onto public property, know you will be required to sign a Temporary Encroachment Agreement and provide proof of insurance. Please inquire for more details.
  • Indicate if you need the City to supply fencing and concrete bumpers to increase the safety of your patio (required for those using on-street parking spaces),
  • Demonstration as to how bar/restaurant will comply with applicable provincial requirements including physical distancing, occupancy rates, etc.

To apply with the United Counties of SD&G, follow this link:

Those wishing to apply in the City of Cornwall should contact Kat Rendek at

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