Cornwall construction season starts

From the City of Cornwall
Cornwall construction season starts

Contractors, construction crews, and City staff are gearing up for another busy construction season.
You can stay up to date by subscribing to Construction pages on the City website, where staff will share milestone updates, including:

  • Start of construction,
  • Road closures, and
  • Disruptions to water services

“We’ll send you an email every time there’s a major update – all you have to do is subscribe,” said Kevin Pilon, Plans and Records Clerk. “We’ve built these pages to ensure everything is easy to understand, with key information always available at your fingertips.”

Projects are chosen based on the Asset Management Plan. The plan assists the City of Cornwall in making the best possible decisions regarding the building, operating, maintaining, renewing, replacing and disposing of infrastructure assets.

“This summer’s projects will improve infrastructure below and above the ground,” said Emma Vanier, Municipal Engineer. “We will work to ensure disruption is minimal, and we’ll communicate directly with residents and business owners at every step of the process.”

Here’s a look at the projects in the City of Cornwall this year:

“Remember to take your time when walking or driving through construction sites and be mindful of flag persons – they are there to help and keep both workers and traffic safe,” said Nathan Guindon, Project Supervisor.

“The safety of construction crews is most important,” said Vanier. “Please respect signage and drive with caution in construction areas.”

“We want residents to know that we’re always here to help; it’s our job to make sure that things go smoothly as possible,” said Kyle McIntosh, Project Supervisor.

“We’re here to answer any questions you might have – we can be reached by phone, email or just flag us down in person,” added Mike Hodge, Project Supervisor.

If you have questions about specific projects, use the contact information provided on each page. If you have more general questions, call Municipal Works at 613-932-5354.

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