CBEC hosts virtual Summer Companies launch

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CBEC hosts virtual Summer Companies launch
The 2021 student Summer Company program participants. Submitted.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre (CBEC) held their annual launch of their Summer Companies program on Monday, June 28. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held virtually this year.

“The journey of a business owner is one that can span decades and can touch not just the lives of their employees but of their families,” said Bob Peters, The City of Cornwall’sDivision Manager for Economic Development. “Any successful business starts out with an idea . . . but what makes them a successful business is understanding your customers and understanding your business.”

“If there is anything you learn this summer, learning to think like your customers will be the hallmark of your success,” Peters added.

The Summer Companies program encourages students to become entrepreneurs by starting a summer business. Successful applicants receive $3,000 in start-up funding, as well as hands-on coaching from local business leaders.

“This program provides a great opportunity for our participants to develop entrepreneurial skills while making money at the same time,” said Candy Pollard, Business Consultant with the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. “Through Summer Company, we are helping to train the business leaders of tomorrow.”

This year’s program saw six young entrepreneurs take their first steps into the business world.

This year’s businesses are:

MathemaTech Tutoring and Computer Support by Afaq Virk

MathemaTech Tutoring and Computer Support will be offering a wide variety of services including such as, but not limited to: tutoring in a variety of subjects at the elementary and intermediate level, proofreading and other similar academic services, technological support/consultation, game/software development courses, UI/UX design, graphic/logo design, and virtual event hosting.

Forever Green Plant Shop by Connor Budz

Mr. Budz has amassed over 200 different cuts of rare and exotic plants in his own greenhouse, which he has readied for the launch of his new business: The Forever Green Plant Shop. Throughout the summer months Mr. Budz will be growing and propagating a new variety of plants and selling the new buds (pun fully intended) at a great value to the customer.

Poirier Lawn and Garden Care by Isaac Poirier-Hanniman

Poirier Lawn and Garden Care offers services such as lawn mowing, weeding, planting, and lawn edging. Immediately Mr. Poirier-Hanniman noticed the opportunity in front of him, “There is a lot of demand in the town I live,” he explained, “there are plenty of people who either can’t, or don’t want to mow their lawns, and just from walking around you can see dozens of un-mowed lawns ready for a good clean-up.”

EzShop by Teethal Patel

With the wind in his sails, Mr. Patel completed much research before opening EzShop – an  e-commerce solution for people looking for outdoor products, cellphone accessories, computer accessories, and more! Mr. Patel explained, “Nowadays, people mainly shop online and an e-commerce store is mainly run by websites and other online resources. So I started thinking, why not take advantage of that and start an e-commerce business called EZShop.”

Ole Sugar Barn Ice Cream Stand by Rebecca MacIntosh

Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre Miss Macintosh created a business plan for her Ice Cream Shop, and then was accepted into the Summer Company program as a young entrepreneur who would receive a grant to help her start her business. Miss Macintosh has connected with and will be serving Kawartha Dairy ice cream at her stand. She had selected 6 different flavours to start with, (not only just her favourites), but has since grown to offering 12 flavours!

Amaré Crowns by Sadie Thompson

Amaré (which is Italian for “self love”) is a big part of what drove Miss Thompson to create her new business, Amaré Crowns. The business will focus on the creation of custom-made flower crowns, designed with both real and forever flowers in a variety of colours. The crowns will be available as custom pieces for order, or ready to wear right away.

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