Harbour warehouse ready for demolition

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By Nick Seebruch
Harbour warehouse ready for demolition
The warehouse at the Cornwall Harbour (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Port Lands Project has announced that the Akwesasne Harbour Development Corporation and the Cornwall Harbour Development Corporation have awarded a tender for the demolition of the former warehouse building at the Cornwall Harbour at 580 Harbour Rd.

“The warehouse building itself is in a condition that does not lend itself to re-building or redevelopment and has recently become the site of multiple break ins, vandalism and disruption,” reads a statement from the Port Lands Project. “It was determined the best course of action would be to remove the structure and alleviate these issues to enhance enjoyment for the community who access the area and the nearby residents.”

The demolition of the warehouse building, which has been vacant since March 2018, represents the first step in the development of the Port Lands which is being jointly undertaken between the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) and the City of Cornwall.

Earlier this summer, the Port Lands Project began engaging with the public about what the future site should look like and be used for.

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The demolition of the warehouse building is expected to begin shortly with a completion date of Sept. 18, 2021.

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