Three minutes with the Mayor of Cornwall: Where have all the workers gone?

Seaway News Staff
Three minutes with the Mayor of Cornwall: Where have all the workers gone?
Glen Grant. Seaway News file photo.

Is there a shortage of workers in our community -OR- are workers not available due to the financial benefits available like CERB.

In discussions with small business owners (restaurant, Convenience Stores etc.) they all have the same issue, that is, getting workers to fill their needs. In the case of restaurants, they cannot fill their tables with patrons which impacts their bottom line. Their employees also require time off due to provincial regulations. Convenience stores owners are having the same difficulty getting workers to fill the long hours required to earn a living. One Convenience store owner told me that he did not have one day of in over a year. Small businesses were hit the hardest during the pandemic and need help now to survive. Without getting political, what can be done? Currently the unemployment rate in Canada is 7.5%, Ontario is 8%, Cornwall in June was approximately 11% or 2,554 unemployed workers. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for people to be employed.

The CERB was a great initiative during the pandemic period when workers could not go to their place of employment and needed a helping hand. However, that is not the case today. The jobs are available but what incentive is there to return to work for approximately the same amount of dollars they receive under CERB?
What would be your solution(s) to this worker issue?

Glen Grant,
Mayor of Cornwall

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