This is not legal advice: Your Ex Is Not Your Lawyer

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This is not legal advice: Your Ex Is Not Your Lawyer

When there is a family breakdown, there are numerous ways to resolve the issues in an amicable fashion without the necessity of bringing the file to court and having a judgement imposed on the separating parties. In fact, that is what happens in the majority of cases and it saves the family time, stress and significant legal fees.

That being said, the savings must stop somewhere. Everyone should get legal advice before they sign a legal document. Asking for a lawyer’s opinion and assistance is not a sign of weakness. Nor is it a good old “on guard” with your former partner.

If the other person is upset that you want a lawyer to review the proposed agreement before you sign it, they may be trying to include something that is not to your benefit.

Those “pillow talk agreements” generally find persuasive strength in the imbalance of power your ex is trying to exploit one last time.

At the end of the day, a lawyer cannot sign your family contract. You will. You can give everything up if you want but keep in mind that you need to know what it is that you are giving up. What are your rights and responsibilities? Do you truly understand what it is that you are signing? That is the key.

Your lawyer advises you on your options within a set of choices. You decide on what you settle as per your preferences among the sets of choices. Plain and simple.

Do not rely on your friends for legal advice. Do not rely on your ex-spouse as to what you are entitled to. At the end of the day, everyone is acting in their own best interest.

The only person that you can count on for objective legal advice that pertains only to you is YOUR lawyer.

*Only my clients get my legal advice. This is strictly general legal information. If you think you have a legal issue, please, hire a lawyer. It can even be me. I can be reached via email at

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