SDSG electoral candidates talk about helping small businesses

Connor McLaughlin, Special to Seaway News
SDSG electoral candidates talk about helping small businesses

CORNWALL, Ontario – The federal election approaches, and with it, our SDSG candidates talk about how they plan to help local businesses re-open 

On Aug. 15, 2021, The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau called for an early election.  

As local businesses re-open and re-adjust, the electoral candidates of SDSG were asked to give their solutions to helping our local businesses. 

For the Liberal Party of Canada, Denis Moquin has stated that with a Liberal government re-elected, programs such as the Canada Recovery Hiring Program will be extended, in an effort to help businesses with pandemic-incurred revenue loss. This will help offset a portion of extra costs for employers related to the reopening of their store. Planning to extend this program until March 31. 

“While some businesses are ready to open their doors, others are still reeling from the impacts of the pandemic,” explained Moquin. “Many businesses in hard hit sectors won’t be able to open as quickly, and still need government assistance.” 

 “We’ll extend the Canada Recovery Hiring Program to make sure businesses can keep hiring more employees, and Canadians can get back to work,” he added. 

As extra support, he has stated that he is prepared to meet with small local business leaders, to learn what more can be done to assist in the pandemic economy recovery. 

David Anber, the SDSG candidate for the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), believes that with vaccination rates climbing and COVID-19 cases falling, that the pandemic is now finally over. He also gave his opinion on the new proof of vaccination system. 

“We support bringing everything back to normal immediately with very few exceptions. Nothing can help businesses better than not placing radical requirements on them such as monitoring vaccination statuses of patrons. We will also have the fairest tax plan in place to allow businesses to recover,” said Anber. 

The Green Party’s SDSG candidate, Dr. Jeanie Warnock, wishes to help local small businesses by extending wage and rent subsidies until all COVID-19 restrictions have been fully lifted. Also, by utilizing post-pandemic funding to work with the province in order to restore the regional food processing and distribution networks, along with improving the local markets. 

“We need to help local businesses re-adjust by doing everything possible to prevent further lockdowns and restoring stability, continuity, and confidence,” stated Warnock.  

Seaway News attempted to reach out to Eric Duncan, however, were unable to reach him before the publication of the article. 

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