Local artisan duo raising money for breast cancer awareness

Connor McLaughlin, Special to Seaway News
Local artisan duo raising money for breast cancer awareness
Bianka Sauvé and Angie Osman. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Homespun Lovey has created a fundraiser to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the makers of Homespun Lovey’s local macrame and wood-burned art, Bianka Sauvé and Angie Osman, will be giving some of their profits to the Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH)’s new breast cancer treatment program. 

Bianka Sauvé and Angie Osman are two South Glengarry friends, and are both mothers, who bonded over their love of hand-designed art pieces.  

This summer, one of their signature pieces, a macrame outline of a woman’s breasts, quickly became a best-selling item.  

“The popularity of this item is really what led us to plan our first fundraiser,” said Sauvé 

Hoping to raise money for the awareness of breast cancer, as well as making the outline of breasts less taboo. 

“Sometimes, it takes something like art to make people feel more comfortable with the idea of seeing the outline of breasts,” said Osman. 

These breast-themed wall-hangings and keychains will be up for sale online throughout October, with in-store purchase available at DG Vintage, located on First St. E. 

Purchasing either of the two items during the month of October will see a portion of the proceeds donated to their fundraiser. 

For online purchase please visit 

@homespunlovey | Linktree 

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