Ontario will lift all COVID-19 restrictions over next six months

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By Nick Seebruch
Ontario will lift all COVID-19 restrictions over next six months
Ontario Premier Doug Ford during a news conference on Wednesday, June 2.

ONTARIO – Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that over the next six months that the province will slowly lift all COVID-19 restrictions including proof of vaccination and mask mandates.

“Thanks to our cautious and careful approach to re-opening, we are now in position to gradually lift all remaining public health measures over the coming months,” said Premier Doug Ford. “This plan is built for the long term. It will guide us safely through the winter and out of this pandemic, while avoiding lockdowns and ensuring we don’t lose the hard-fought gains we have made.”

Starting on Monday, Oct. 25, the province will lift the majority of capacity restrictions on indoor venues where proof of vaccination is required.

Capacity restrictions will also be lifted for certain outdoor activities.

The government will also lift capacity and physical distancing restrictions on the following venues if they choose to implement a proof of vaccination system:

  • Personal care services (e.g., barber shops, salons, body art);
  • Indoor areas of museums, galleries, aquariums, zoos, science centres, landmarks, historic sites, botanical gardens and similar attractions;
  • Indoor areas of amusement parks;
  • Indoor areas of fairs, rural exhibitions, festivals;
  • Indoor tour and guide services;
  • Boat tours;
  • Indoor areas of marinas and boating clubs;
  • Indoor clubhouses at outdoor recreational amenities;
  • Open house events provided by real estate agencies; and
  • Indoor areas of photography studios and services;
  • Locations were funeral or wedding services are to take place

On Nov. 15, the province will lift capacity restrictions on higher risk settings including food and drink establishments that have dance facilities, such as night clubs, as well as trip clubs, bathhouses and sex clubs.

The province intends to lift the proof of vaccination requirement for all settings by Feb. 7, and all restrictions related to the COVID-19 emergency order by March 28, 2022.

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